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Gentium Gazette is an independent youth led Research firm focusing on primary expertise in the fields of Politics , governance , public policy , economics and legal affairs . With an unabated desire to provide the youth with an intact ecosystem for voicing their opinions and criticism towards what they may feel affects theirs' and everyone's way of living, this research firm strongly emphasis upon the need for original thinking seconded by logical analysis , the belief that words can initiate change . 

Quality Policy 

Foundational Legacy of Gentium Gazette 

Well Researched 

We aim to come out with publications that have been drafted with impeccable and sublime research , the very motivational process every writer at our Research Firm undergoes , to present mind blowing research work is indisputably phenomenal . 

Adherence to the policy of non encouragement of   radicalistic perspectives 

Gentium Gazette aims in delivering content in a way that doesn't turn out sensational . We motivate our writers to present stark realities and facts that are guided by our vision to overlay our publications with a set optimistic attitude .


Opinions are the medium between Ignorance and Knowledge 

 Cover Story

Journalism is the ability to meet the challenge of filling space 

Common UX Mistakes

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We collected several notes from our UX designers to form this how-to guide.


Getting Feedback

Give your users more time before asking them to leave feedback.


A work ethic is highly important if you prefer working in a collective.

Fasters Sites

Ten reasons to use a lightweight version of your site.

Legal Disclaimer

Gentium Gazette in no way aims to propagate any specific political thought or promote any political affiliations. It only serves as a platform for the youth to express their opinion on matters of politics, law, public governance , economics and social justice. All articles are based on writer's opinions and are in accordance with Article 19(1)(a) of the Indian Constitution and Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  

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